AgroGreen SUDOE

Transnational cooperation for the design of more sustainable agricultural production strategies in the SUDOE territory. 

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How does it work? 

AgroGreen SUDOE is structured in six Task Groups aimed at diagnosing the starting situation, in terms of crop management practices in the SUDOE territory, and quantifying the potential environmental impacts that occur in Spanish, French and Portuguese watersheds. The project relies on the direct participation of end users (male and female farmers, decision makers, etc.) to achieve its objectives. With all the information and knowledge generated, a web tool will be developed to assess the environmental impact, of agricultural practices, on water and atmosphere. Environmental, on water and atmosphere, of agricultural practices.


It is a virtual space for collaboration between actors that allows the design and proposal of sustainable agricultural management alternatives, sensitive to the characteristics of the territory and the realities of the producers in the hydrographic basins of the SUDOE territory. The platform is made up of all project partners and stakeholders interested in the co-design of sustainable crop management scenarios in the SUDOE space.


The aim is to help the farmer to make decisions, following the path of the fertilisation regulations on farms, achieving a rational fertilisation and minimising the impact that this practice has on the environment. A decision-making tool to support farmers in order to achieve agronomic efficiency and the absence of harmful effects on health and the environment.

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Virtual space to catalyse the confluence of efforts and knowledge in the use of modelling tools leading to the estimation of agri-environmental, water and air quality impacts of co-designed agricultural management strategies through the Mulit-Actor Platform. Using modelling tools, expert modellers have made estimates of the main agri-environmental impacts in the SUDOE area.
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@remedia2023: Alberto Sanz Cobeña @CEIGRAM @La_UPM y presi @RedRemedia presentando trabajo sobre Zonas de ribera como puntos calientes en la emisión de N2O y CH4: efecto de la distancia al cauce, el tipo de vegetación y la estacionalidad en la zona de ribera👉@AgroGreenSUDOE en #Remedia2023
AgroGreen-SUDOE @AgrogreenSudoe
#AgroGreenSUDOE (@Sudoe5), un macroesfuerzo para mejorar la sostenibilidad de la agricultura en tres países 🇪🇸🇫🇷🇵🇹, vía @UPA_Federal


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AgroGreen SUDOE seeks to incorporate the vision and sensitivities of the main actors involved in agricultural production processes and the development of public policies in the field of agri-environmental sustainability of crops in the SUDOE territory. For this, the platform is open to the participation of all stakeholders in the co-design of sustainable management scenarios for the main crops in the SUDOE territory.

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AgroGreen SUDOE, un macroesfuerzo para mejorar la sostenibilidad de la agricultura en tres países
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Programa de la Jornada final del proyecto (Lisboa, 23 de marzo de 2023)
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